When feminism goes too far

Women have been overlooked for far too long. Our accomplishments, ideas, and goals have been swept under the carpet in favour of what men want. The good news is: we now have women marches and feminist movements to shine a light on what we want.

Your Dream Big

BUT! (and there is a big but here) At some point in time, that light shone a little too bright. An example would be after the Oscars this year. Why was Rose McGowan against Natalie Portman’s dress, when all it did was acknowledge female directors in a subtle way?

I’m going to preface my theory by saying that I do not intend to make this about celebrity gossip. I want to make this about how feminism has gone off the deep end, and possibly right through the Bermuda Triangle. By complaining about celebrating male directors is nothing but reverse sexism; feminists are not practicing what they preach. Just because we are women does not mean that we have the right to win awards that we don’t deserve. Of course awards shows are not 100% credible, and the outcomes are sometimes influenced by industry politics.

Rose McGowan, and other feminists who claim they are more proactive need to continue doing their part. We are inspired by their efforts and celebrate all things feminist. The healthy way to proceed would be to encourage other women to join them. If you don’t like someone’s weak attempt at protest, just leave them alone! There are bigger issues in the world without bombarding us with this high school like drama.

The conclusion: reverse sexism = hypocrisy. Call to action: let’s fix that.

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