Brooklyn Nine-Nine

*Contains spoilers

As a huge Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, I was super pumped up to watch Season. After all, I was dying to know how Captain Holt was adjusting to his new demotion as a traffic cop, and to watch new thrilling plot lines involving dirty cops and the Mob.

Unfortunately, this season fell flat. It initially focuses on Jake an Amy trying to have a baby, then zeros in on her successful pregnancy. Keep in mind that the writers had to include this because the actress who plays Amy was pregnant in real life. That being said, it should have been more of a supporting storyline rather than the primary one.

There were some funny moments thanks to the new character, Debbie, and the show will still serve as a great distraction during these crazy times. It just doesn’t measure up to the previous seasons, so here’s hoping for an improved Season 8.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently streaming on Netflix.

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