The real reason Trump won’t increase COVID-19 testing

Coronavirus is still continuing to spread worldwide, but all eyes are on America. Why?

Aside from the fact that the President of the world’s superpower has horribly mishandled this entire situation (and suggested that people inject themselves with disinfectant), the White House also tried to block Dr. Fauci from testifying before Congress. They claimed it was unnecessary, but eventually gave him the go ahead.

The White House’s priority should be to keep everyone safe and find a vaccine as quickly as possible. This means continuing to enforce social distancing as much as possible by re-opening the states slowly. Georgia and Texas, amongst other states, should not be taken as an example because social distancing is impossible in nail salons! For some reason though, the White House seems eager to re-open the economy, without a second thought about the safety of their citizens.

Time Magazine

Trump’s whole 2016 campaign was based on a guarantee that the economy will thrive under his administration. After all, he’s a billionaire businessman so of course he would have strong knowledge of the economy. Turns out, he probably isn’t a billionaire and he has limited knowledge of the economy. Trump can’t seem to understand how detrimental it is for his re-election campaign to open the southern states. They’re red states. They’re his supporters. When the residents of these states start to see the devastating effects of COVID, they will think twice about voting for the guy who promised that the virus would disappear in warmer weather. His reckless tweets will no longer be entertaining, and his promises to protect citizens and the economy will be seen as empty.

In addition to torpedoing his own election campaign, Trump is hesitant to move forward with nationwide testing. His reason is simply that if the tests reveal a higher number of cases, he won’t be able to re-open the economy. And the longer the economy is closed, the higher unemployment will rise, and the deeper the country will sink into a recession.

This will be an inevitable outcome that Trump will have no chance at wiggling his way out of by blaming the Dems and verbally attacking reporters. The only thing he could do is Tweet #ItriedtoKAG2020.

See ya.

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