Operation I Take Responsibility: Failed.

Celebrities. They love to use their platforms to rally for good causes, but sometimes they take it a little too far. The ”I Take Responsibility“ video is a perfect example of when the celebrity white savior mentality goes off the rails.


This video is only slightly less cringe-y than the Imagine video, that featured a bunch of celebrities singing about how there’s no heaven…when people are dying from a deadly pandemic.

Let’s be clear: Black people don’t need to hear you guys say a bunch of stuff you read off a cue card previously approved by your publicists. What Black people do need is equal opportunity.

Equal opportunity as actors

Equal opportunity as writers

Equal opportunity as directors

Equal opportunity as producers

Equal opportunity as agents

Equal opportunity for any job that you were handed just for the color of your skin

So let’s call a spade a spade. Sarah Paulson, we know you’re not going to turn a blind eye to racism when a job is at stake. And Stanley Tucci, the day a powerful director makes a discriminatory comment, you’re not going to call them out and storm off set. To all the actors in this video and to those even thinking about making one: just stop.

I know you think you’re helping by filming these melodramatic videos (which have potential to become a pandemic of their own), but you’re not. Taking responsibility is nothing if not paired with taking action, so please put your insincerity on hold until this global crisis is over.

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