Cancel workplace harassment

Introducing the next celebrity to be cancelled:


And rightfully so. Over the past few weeks, we have heard horrific stories of staffers at the Ellen Show who have suffered verbal and sexual harassment by producers. Ellen has also been accused of mistreating her staff by demanding that nobody looks at her and acting like a diva in general. She apparently did the same to a radio host and an interviewer in Australia. Ellen has also been criticized for preaching a “be kind” mantra on air, while behaving terribly behind the scenes. Basically, a celebrity said something disingenuous…shocker.

The real issue here is workplace harassment. People put up with a lot because they need a paycheck; they need to feed their families, pay their bills, their rent, etc… Those in power take advantage of that. It’s easy to sit on the outside and say “oh they could have resigned” or “they could have spoken out”. People who work regular jobs sometimes don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves, let alone if they worked for a high-powered celebrity like Ellen. A manager at a company can torpedo an employee’s chances for future employment through their connection. Imagine what Ellen has the power to do if someone were to piss her off.

Influential men in workplaces across America and other countries were brought down during the #MeToo movement. It’s time for people in power, both men and women, to be fired for verbal harassment and for creating a toxic work environment. If everyone else is replaceable, so are they. And so is Ellen.

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