Quick catch up with 2 shows

Since I last posted about TV and movies, I watched 2 shows that I think are worth sharing.

Little Fires Everywhere. 4/5

The Verge

*SPOILER ALERT* Based on a novel, Little Fires Everywhere stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. The story is set in a small town in Ohio in 1997/1998 and follows Elena Richardson (Witherspoon), a wealthy journalist and Mia Warren (Washington), a single mom and newcomer to the town. The women’s lives are intertwined as Mia’s mysterious past is unfolds.

The story was so gripping and does a good job of acknowledging racial issues, but I did have a problem with the whole situation with the baby at the end. It seemed so unrealistic for Bebe to break into the McCollough’s home and then get the child on an international flight without a passport.

Space Force. 2/5


I am only giving Space Force one point for Steve Carell and another for Lisa Kudrow. I was so excited to watch this because I am such a huge fan of both actors, but unfortunately I was let down. The comedy (if you can call it that) sort of falls flat and the story has no real direction. It’s slow and overall disappointing.

Never Have I Ever

I finished watching Never Have I Ever a few days ago, and I highly recommend it! The show is produced by Mindy Kaling and is about an Indian teenage girl, Devi, growing up in Sherman Oaks, CA. Devi is determined to lose her virginity to Paxton, a popular jock on the swim team. He is absolutely perfect with his chiseled abs and all that, and Devi is completely obsessed with him. Together with her two best friends, Eleanor and Fabiola, the girls explore the ups and downs of high school.

Mashable India

It might sound like a typical teenage drama such as the O.C. or One Tree Hill, but Never Have I Ever does a great job of representing minorities. The writers also highlighted the cultural differences between Devi and her other classmates while also eliminating Indian stereotypes. Mindy Kaling gave Indians a promotion from being the side-kick to starring in the lead role. I hope we see more of that.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

*Contains spoilers

As a huge Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, I was super pumped up to watch Season. After all, I was dying to know how Captain Holt was adjusting to his new demotion as a traffic cop, and to watch new thrilling plot lines involving dirty cops and the Mob.


Unfortunately, this season fell flat. It initially focuses on Jake an Amy trying to have a baby, then zeros in on her successful pregnancy. Keep in mind that the writers had to include this because the actress who plays Amy was pregnant in real life. That being said, it should have been more of a supporting storyline rather than the primary one.

There were some funny moments thanks to the new character, Debbie, and the show will still serve as a great distraction during these crazy times. It just doesn’t measure up to the previous seasons, so here’s hoping for an improved Season 8.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently streaming on Netflix.

Tiger King

Tiger King is the ideal show to binge during quarantine because it’s so addictive. It’s about an eccentric zookeeper in rural Oklahoma who puts a hit out on his rival in Florida (who might or might not have fed her husband to a tiger).

I thought this show was eye-opening because I didn’t know tiger breeding was such a huge business in the states. Also (spoiler alert) I didn’t know ceremonies celebrating 3 men getting married was possible, especially in a conservative state like Oklahoma. On another note, I do want to warn my fellow animal lovers that the animals are kept in quite poor conditions, and seeing them being exploited is bit disturbing.

All said and done, the big debate question is: Did Carole Baskin kill her husband? I think so.