Why we need to end our obsession with Meghan and Harry

Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

Over the past few weeks, the world has heard about the (soon to be former) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, leaving the royal family. This story has been getting an excessive amount of unnecessary media attention. Why do I feel this way?

Because they’re going to be just fine. Plus, this is potentially a distraction, but I’ll get to that later in the post.

According to CNBC, Prince Harry is worth around £30 million, while Meghan is worth roughly $2.2 million. The two have already partnered with the Obama’s production company, Higher Ground, and could likely make over $110 million in sponsored posts on Instagram. Not Instagram plus other social media platforms…Instagram alone.

They can move to whichever country they want, and continue living a lavish lifestyle flying in their private jets, and driving their luxury cars.  The only main difference is that they won’t have royal titles and the media might actually start being kind to Meghan. The cruelty that she faced, especially from the British media, was horrific and I don’t think anyone can truly blame her for wanting to leave that life. One might argue that she was well aware of the challenges that come with being a royal, or that there is racial bias. But that can be a discussion for another time.

This story is, without a doubt, a distraction from Prince Andrew’s prior crimes.

Photo courtesy of the Evening Standard

Yes, he committed crimes that he should be imprisoned for, because having sexual relations with underaged girls is illegal. This is regardless of whether the incident occurred in your country of residence or not. The Royal family’s PR is so effective that I personally forgot about Prince Andrew amidst all the Harry and Meghan drama. 

Two adults choosing to leave the royal family does not deserve as much media attention as their uncle committing crimes against underaged girls.